Client: Caltex

Completed:  In Progress

Capacity:  2000m³

Services: Laboratory Testing, Dewatering Trials, Process Design/Sizing, Filling, Consolidation

The Caltex facility at Kurnell is undergoing a transformation from refinery to a finished product terminal. As part of the transformation, several tanks required desludging prior to scheduled reconditioning. On this occasion, two tanks contained an hydrocarbon based biomass sludge with an average solids content of approximately 8% solids w/w.

The traditional method of removing the wet sludge from the tanks and transporting offsite for disposal was deemed too expensive for this project, so CRS were contracted to design a cost effective and efficient process. The final solution that was accepted and completed successfully was to remove the material from the tanks via specialised equipment, dewater the sludge onsite within the tank bunds and reduce the overall volume & moisture of material to be removed from site for final disposal. After an initial trial, four ET36-25m Envitube® Dewatering Containers were used to dewater ~2000m³ of raw biomass from the tanks. A final percentage solids content of >16% is being achieved which will result in a >50% volume reduction and considerable transport /disposal saving.