Company Changes

CRS, we’re evolving, exciting times.

Our services and innovative approach to treating water are constantly expanding.

You know us as CRS Industrial Water Treatment Systems.  For over 25 years we’ve provided fully engineered, packaged water treatment plants, with innovative technologies, fully customised, complex, simple, modular to large civil infrastructure projects, in diverse industries and client requirements.

We have developed a strong reputation for building and installing quality systems that are compliant with ISO 9001, 14001 & 4801 and we continue to innovate and expand our corporate capabilities to treat ALL water containing streams.

Over 10 years ago, CRS introduced Envitube® geotextile dewatering containers to the Australian market. This innovative technology was initially used for sludge dewatering in municipal applications but the range of users now spans the full industrial and commercial spectrum, providing a flexible, rapid, low capital option for containment and dewatering of problematic sludges.

Sludge Treatment

Our sister company Dredging Solutions ( ) provides a complete turnkey solution to sludge management – dredge, dewater, dispose, using  Envitube® containers or containerised centrifuges to deliver high efficiency sludge recovery and dewatering, scoped to site and client requirements.

The innovation continues, with CRS developing a unique patented process, Integrated Product Recovery (IPR) designed for the treatment of alkaline brine streams targeting CSG and Shale Gas applications.  We have trial plants that are available to demonstrate these selective salt recovery and zero liquid discharge options on a broad range of client’s brine streams.

Our water treatment capabilities span ‘high salt to high solids’ streams, delivering customised, innovative, proven solutions, with the ability to integrate a sludge dredging and dewatering project with filtrate water polishing for compliant discharge.

I’m excited with the changes and the evolving and expanding scope of our water treatment capabilities.

We’re changing

From 1st March 2017, CRS Industrial Water Treatment Systems Pty Ltd will change to CRS Water Pty Ltd , with a new logo and corporatisation of the business to reflect the new identity and our broader capabilities in treating any water!

The change reflects the company’s continuing focus and expansion on technology, innovation and excellence in providing water treatment solutions. Our offering now covers the full range of water issues.

The corporatisation of the business entity increases the company’s transparency and confidence in wider B2B relationships.

It’s business as usual, we just have more in our ‘tool box’ to address your water treatment challenges.

Please contact me at or on 0418 974 954 to discuss anything water or if you have any comments or suggestions on how we do business.

If it’s water, we’ll make it our business.


Bill Kelly.

CRS Water