Client: Western Australia Water Corporation

Completed:  2008

Capacity: 4,000 kL/day

Services: Design, Manufacture, Testing, Commissioning, Operator Training

A 4,000KL/day surface water treatment plant was designed and built for Western Australian Water Corporation to be incorporated into the overall water treatment plant for the town of Denmark in the South Western region of WA. The plants utilise Norit Xiga Ultrafiltration membranes to guaranteed log removal rates of 4 and 6 for viruses and bacteria respectively. This guarantee is ensured through daily and automatic membrane integrity testing. A previously supplied containerised Norit UF system is used for the treatment of backwash water to increase overall system recovery to ~99%.

The plant electrical panels include Koyo 10îcolour HMI touch screens, ABB variable speed drives and Koyo Direct Logic 405 PLCs. Remote feed pump operation is controlled via fibre optic communications and the overall plant is monitored on the site SCADA system.