Eton WTP Upgrade

Client: Mackay Regional Council

Completed:  February, 2019

Capacity: 700 kL/day

Services: Design, Manufacture, Supervision, Commissioning, Operator Training, Existing Plant Upgrade


CRS has completed the design, construction, and commissioning of a containerised water treatment system to upgrade the existing treatment plant at Eton township.

The raw water feed sourced from local bores contains high levels of metallic ions and as such required water softening and pH correction.

The softener vessels are filled with resin to remove calcium and magnesium ions contained from the raw water. Periodic backwash and regeneration of the softeners are regulated by the installed control system to maintain the efficacy of the equipment.

The product of the water softeners is mixed with raw water bypass to achieve the required treated water hardness. The shandied water product is then dosed with sodium hydroxide to increase the alkalinity of the water.

The treatment system is fully automatic and compliments the existing plant by providing additional capability required to produce treated water complying to Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.