Client: Moraitis

Completed:  2000

Capacity: 480 kL/day

Services: Design, Manufacture, Installation, Testing, Commissioning, Operator Training, Maintenance

The WWTP was designed to treat 20 kL/hour of wastewater from a vegetable processing operation, to meet Sydney Water discharge limits for TSS and pH.

Raw influent wastewater is collected and pumped to a rotary Contrashear screen, falling into a 60 kL 304 stainless steel balance tank. The chemically treated balanced effluent is pumped to a   Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) unit where coagulated and flocculated solids, oil and grease are bound to minute air bubbles and create a surface sludge.

This sludge is slowly scraped from the surface and collected in an integral sludge hopper from where it is dewatered through a belt type filter press and collected in a refuse skip.

The clarified effluent is pH adjusted prior to discharge to sewer through an electromagnetic totalising flow meter and three way diversion valve.