Client: Robe River Iron

Completed:  2005

Capacity: 250 kL/day

Services: Manufacture, Testing

This double pass Reverse Osmosis plant, is an integral component in a water treatment system capable of producing boiler feed water from surface water.

CRS was awarded the contract to manufacture this double pass RO for Robe River Iron.  All equipment was supplied to CRS Industrial Water Treatment Systems P/L from Veolia as free issue items.  CRS contractors carried out the stainless steel skid manufacture and installation of all equipment, piping and electricals.

The double pass RO was constructed entirely on one skid.  This included raw water  tank, 1st pass RO feed pump and pressure vessels, intermediate storage tank, 2nd pass RO feed pump and pressure vessels, antiscalent dosing system, PLC control panel, clean in place system and all instrumentation.  The instrumentation included pH, temperature, conductivity, flow and pressure transmitters.