CRS has experience in the design, testing, manufacturing and installation of Geotextile Dewatering container systems for municipal and industrial applications.  CRS have been successfully installing geotextile dewatering systems within Australia for over 10 years.

The CRS Envitube Geotextile Dewatering Tubes are a low cost & high volume sludge dewatering solution that are constructed of high-strength, permeable, specially engineered textiles designed for the containment and dewatering of high moisture content sludge and sediment. The Envitube technology involves flowing slurry into the Envitube, containing the solids & allowing water to filter through the geotextile material. The dewatering process is assisted by pressure that is applied by the flow of slurry into the tube, as well as chemical separation techniques. Once the tube is full, it is left in the impoundment area to dewater fully and a new Envitube is set up next to or on top of it to continue the process.

The technology is available in a variety of sizes, is very effective in many applications, and is becoming a more cost effective alternative to the traditional mechanical dewatering processes including centrifuge, and belt presses.

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