Particle Filtration

Particle filtration technologies have been used extensively by CRS in our water treatment plants as unit processes to help achieve client specifications, as well as meeting regulatory standards set out by local authorities.

Particle filtration utilises physical barriers to remove suspended solids and microorganisms from the feed water. Particles greater than 0.1 micron are removed from the feed, but will still allow the passage of dissolved matter, organics, colloids and viruses to the filtrate. Flocculation, coagulation and clarification may be used prior to filtration to aid in the removal of suspended solids.

Many of these systems will require backwashing as part of their operating cycles to remove any foulants present, extending the life of the filter. This allows it to be reused repeatedly until fouling becomes irreversible and a replacement of the filter medium is necessitated.

Equipment that fall under this separation technique includes:

– Flocculation, coagulation and clarification
– Screen filters
– Disc filters
– Cartridge filters
– Sand filters
– Filter bags