Client: Whitehaven Coal

Completed:  February, 2018.

Capacity: 75 kL/day

Services: Design, Manufacture, Supervision, Commissioning, Operator Training

CRS has finished its upgrade of the Whitehaven Coal Sewage Treatment Plant for their Narrabri operations. The original STP was constructed by CRS in 2008 and was designed to treated wastewater for an equivalent 170 persons. With the ongoing expansion of the Narrabri operations the STP was needed to be upgraded by Whitehaven to accommodate the greater numbers of workers on site. The new plant is capable of successfully treating 280 equivalent persons flow of wastewater a day.

The plant utilizes a conventional sludge treatment process, with treatment processes including Grit Removal, Inlet Screening, Aerated Bioreactors, Clarification, Media Filtration and Chlorine Disinfection.

The STP upgrade represented a successful combined works between CRS and Whitehaven Coal with each party performing different tasks in the construction. CRS handled the process design and installation whereas Whitehaven Coal performed the electrical installation and upgrade to the plant PLC.

The final plant commissioning was a joint process completed by CRS and Whitehaven Coal.